Support Digital Equity

County Executive George Latimer said: "For a thriving community, digital literacy and internet access are not just luxuries; they are necessities. From online banking, to job applications, healthcare enrollment, and educational pursuits – those who lack access to the internet are at a disadvantage. Connect Westchester is a continuation of our efforts to level the playing field and increase equity for all."

Connect Westchester

Connect Westchester represents the Westchester County Office of Economic Development's latest endeavor aimed at closing the digital divide. This innovative initiative is dedicated to ensuring that low-income residents have access to essential digital resources, education, and affordable internet services. Through strategic collaborations with key partners such as the STEM Alliance, The Westchester County Association, we are committed to empowering every member of our community to take meaningful steps toward achieving digital equity. Ten local libraries will offer digital training sessions that include device ownership, connectivity, and access to online learning and enrichment tools and general public information events on the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Reconnect with Tech

Reconnect with Tech addresses the needs of those reentering their communities after incarceration connecting them with the tools they need to navigate their successful reentry at a time when digital skills, access to a device and internet connection is needed for almost every aspect of daily life, from finding a job or housing, to accessing County benefits or for pursuing online continuing education. A two-year 2021 NY Innovation Grant, for Reconnect with Tech – a pilot program supporting the digital needs of justice impacted individuals connected 80 formerly incarcerated individuals with the resources they need to reenter their community.  A Con Edison grant will continue a portion of the program in 2024.  

WLS Reconnect with Tech is made possible through a public/ private partnership that includes, the WLS Outreach Team, The STEM Alliance, Westchester County Department of Corrections, Youth Shelter of Westchester and many other community reentry organizations working together to support justice impacted members of our community.

Picture of a Reconnect with Tech Participant, Craig Rose

Craig Rose shared his gratitude at WLS press conference. He attended one of the first Reconnect with Tech cohort training sessions.

During the Covid pandemic, a COVID-19 Response Grant from Westchester Community Foundation provided Chromebooks, hotspots and training for 268 Head Start families and individuals living in temporary housing or shelters.

“The opportunity for our residents to own a Chromebook is a true blessing. We are so grateful to WLS for making this possible. The average person in Westchester does not realize the hard times many of our neighbors are having. We see it every day. Too many are working with only a cell phone for connection; their children had to return laptops at the end of the school year, and many are sharing a laptop with 4 or 5 family members. Something that so many take for granted – a simple Chromebook or laptop can truly help our residents on a path forward.” Venola Campbell, Coachman, White Plains as told to Ms. Brigham, Director of Development.

If you would like more information on how you can support WLS  digital equity and access initiatives, please contact:  

Pat Brigham, Director of Development –