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A Chromebook is great for browsing the Internet, checking email, looking at Facebook, watching online videos, listening to music, creating documents and more. View the videos below for more information as well as tips and trick to using a Chromebook.

What Is A Chromebook

Getting Started with Chromebook

7 Tips and Tricks

Learn how to start up, sign in, access the app launcher, keyboard basics, jump between apps, organize apps, find files, adjust settings (including connecting to WiFi, pairing other devices, changing the display size, etc), and using the touchpad.

Best Chromebook Tips and Tricks

Quick lessons in how to swipe between tabs, get screenshots, keyboard shortcuts, custom wallpaper, Emoji, lock your Chromebook and find the downloads location.

Borrow a Chromebook

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A hotspot, or mobile WiFi device, will let you share high-speed internet access with several Chromebooks, tablets or smartphones.

Hotspot Setup (Bilingual)

Borrow a Hotspot

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